Band 22/23

Killian Perret-Gentil

Killian Perret-Gentil was born in 1993. he started music at the age of sixteen and was quickly drawn into the world of jazz.

He started his professional Jazz guitar studies at the HEMU (Haute Ecole de Musique) in Lausanne, Switzerland with Francis Coletta before moving to the Jazz Campus (Hochschule für Müsik) in Basel where he pursued his music studies with Wolfgang Muthspiel and Lionel Loueke. In parrallel, he attended contemporary music composition courses with Johannes Caspar Walter at the Musikakademie in Basel. Holder of a Master in performance, he is now active on the Swiss Jazz scene as a guitar player. 

Through the years he developped an interest for experimental music, performing in a solo setting with guitar and electronics. He also had the chance to work as a composer and had some of his music performed, for instance a piece for a percussion trio in Basel. In 2020 he recorded a soon to be released album with internationally acclaimed bassist Larry Grenadier. 

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