Musik-Akademie Basel


Application Process

— The Focusyear Auditions will be held on March 20 – 22, 2020. 

— Applicants should be aware that the Focusyear is a one-year engagement, September-July, which takes priority over other musical activities.

— Focusyear does not set a minimum or maximum age limit and admits students of any nationality. 

— Please be aware that we are looking for a level of musicianship that is comparable to master students or above. This program is also intended for professional musicians who want to refocus their own musical scene. 

— Deadline for Applications is December 31, 2019.   



— Please chose two tracks from your personal Jazz repertoire. A recording should be chosen which showcases your quality as a performer and soloist (improvisation). 

— Please send a link so we can listen to your music without having to download it. Either via Soundcloud (in "private" mode), via Youtube ("not listed" mode) or via Dropbox.

— As a studio-quality recording is not necessary, live recordings of a rehearsal or a concert can be used. 

— Please add one recording of your own compositions. 



Required written information

— Personal details (CV, musical biography)

— Cover letter/Motivation letter (why do you want to participate in Focusyear)

— Previous musical activities, list of musical works, link to artist website


Please fill in all the *neccessary details.
Data Files max. up to 5MB