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Vinicius Gomes

Vinicius Gomes is a jazz guitarrist and composer, from S?o Paulo ? Brazil and released in 2017 his debut album, "Resili?ncia", dedicated to the dialogue between brazilian music and modern jazz.

He has worked with artists from different styles, such as Zizi Possi (as guitarist and arranger), Rosa Passos, Jane Duboc, Arthur Verocai, Oswaldinho do Acordeon, instrumentalist like Toninho Ferragutti (recording the album "A Gata Café", winner of the "Brazilian Music Award 2017"), Thiago Espirito Santo, Robertinho Silva, Mestrinho and as a freelance musician with OSESP (São Paulo Symphony orchestra)  and Jazz Sinfônica Orchestra. 
Vinicius has a Master's Degree from São Paulo State University, writing the dissertation "Helio Delmiro – Solo Guitar Compositions", winning the PROAC Award (2015) on the instrumental music category 
He has collaborated on record with innumerous musicians from São Paulo's jazz scene: Daniel de Paula, Ludere (with Phillipe Baden Powell), Rubinho Antunes, Guilherme Ribeiro, Banda Urbana, Rafael Abdalla, Alexandre Silverio, "KVAR" and others. 
Vinicius has had the opportunity to tour extensively in South America and more recently in Europe, doing record release concerts in France and Portugal. 
In 2018 he was selected to be a part of the “Focus Year” program at the Jazzcampus Basel in Switzerland. 

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