Band 18/19

Iago Fernández

Iago Fernández was born in Cangas in 1987. He started his musical studies on percussion at the conservatory of his town with teacher Lu?s Carballo. His first contact with jazz was in the ?Seminario Permanente de Jazz de Pontevedra (SPJP)? teaching by Abe R?bade and Paco Charl?n, studying four years including master classes and concerts with international artists.

In 2005 and 2006 he went to "Tavira Workshop” (Portugal) taking lessons from Tony Moreno, John O'Gallagher, Allan Ferber, Dave Phillips, Rez Abasi, Russ Johnson and Russ Lossing. In august of 2009 he went to the "Begues Jazz Camp" to take lessons from Ben Street, Mark Turner, Jorge Rossy, Ben Monder and Michael Kanan. After four intense years, in 2011 he was graduated with honors in the “Centro Superior de Música del País Vasco, Musikene” (jazz drums speciality) where he took lessons from great masters as Jorge Rossy, Perico Sambeat, Jo Krause, Albert Sanz, Guillermo Klein and Chris Kase among others. He played in the best Jazz Festivals of Spain and Portugal. Also in Ecuador, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Italy, with musicians as: Steve Nelson, Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Omer Avital, John Hébert, Perico Sambeat, Jesse van Ruller, Joris Roelofs, Greg Tardy, Masa Kamaguchi, Javier Colina, Albert Sanz, Jorge Rossy, Román Filiú, Andrzej Olejniczak, Logan Richardson, Cecilia Coleman, John O'Gallagher, David Virelles and Petros Klampanis among many others. In addition to having recorded about twenty works as a sideman, Iago has three albums as a leader: "Agromando" (2011), "Acougo" (2015) and "Brisa" (2016).

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