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Focusyear Band 19

We are excited to introduce the new Focusyear Band 19.
Please meet a truly international ensemble:
Iago FernàndezVinicius GomesAlexandra HamburgerSong Yi JeonChase KueselMarc Mezgolits and Santi de la Rubia.

Focusyear Band 19

Focusyear Band 18

Reflections with the band members

with Yumi Ito (CH/voc), Sergio Wagner (ARG/tp, Enrique Oliver (E/ts), Paco Andreo (F/tb), Szymon Mika (PL/g), Olga Konkova (N/p), Danny Ziemann (USA/b), Marton Juhasz (H/dr)

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Focusyear is a one-year program for an internationally assembled ensemble of nine students, who will be coached in a regular cycle by acknowledged masters of the international Jazz scene.

The students selected for Focusyear receive a full scholarship covering tuition and the cost of living, in order to allow them to focus on music exclusively.

Over the course of the year, the ensemble creates concert programs and records an album, which will be produced in the school’s own recording studio. The band will perform regularly in the school’s Jazzcampus Club. A club tour is being organized for spring and a festival tour for the summer.

Applications for Focusyear 2019/20 are welcome in September 2018.



Audition 2018

We had a wonderful three day audition to put together the next Focusyear Band  19 for the season 2018/2019.


Wolfgang Muthspiel about Focusyear

For Focusyear, up to nine extraordinarily talented musicians will be chosen.
Applications can be sent for the following instruments:
saxophone / trumpet / trombone / horn / flute / clarinet / piano / guitar (electric, acoustic) / bass / vibraphone / violin / cello / drums / percussion / vocals



Application Process

— The Focusyear Auditions will be held on February 23 – 25, 2018. 

— Applicants should be aware that the Focusyear is a one-year engagement, September-July, which takes priority over other musical activities.

— Focusyear does not set a minimum or maximum age limit and admits students of any nationality. 

— Please be aware that we are looking for a level of musicianship that is comparable to master students or above. This program is also intended for professional musicians who want to refocus their own musical scene. 

— Deadline for Applications is December 31, 2017.   



— Please chose two tracks from your personal Jazz repertoire. A recording should be chosen which showcases your quality as a performer and soloist (improvisation). 

— Please send a link so we can listen to your music without having to download it. Either via Soundcloud (in "private" mode), via Youtube ("not listed" mode) or via Dropbox.

— As a studio-quality recording is not necessary, live recordings of a rehearsal or a concert can be used. 

— Please add one recording of your own compositions. 


Required written information

— Personal details (CV, musical biography)

— Cover letter/Motivation letter (why do you want to participate in Focusyear)

— Previous musical activities, list of musical works, link to artist website

For applying please use this form.


Please fill in all the *neccessary details.
Data Files max. up to 5MB

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